Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Small Multitude (Huben 10)

44 EM 2.5, Gold Self, Dor Dip Noc
Corky * Early And Often
Seedling: MH0042D

Imagine a host of tiny, spatulate yellow flowers dancing on tall, nicely branched scapes. This is a delicate, airy-looking variety that looks more species-like than most species. If there are other daylilies out there like A Small Multitude, they must be forgotten because I haven't seen them.

This parent of From Darkness Comes Light is an extremely versatile breeder of tall, reblooming and unusual form seedlings, sometimes with dark scapes and more importantly with melon flowers.

For example, MH0761C above has shed the yellow and become melon, and is moving in the right direction for breeding hanging daylily flowers. Even more impressive:

MH0761E above is spatulate, melon, well branched, and rebloomed this first year.  Perhaps I'll have spidery rebloomers in a generation or two.

I've used A Small Multitude quite a bit in my breeding and even though it is yellow I have looked forwards to the delicate beauty of its bloom every year.  There's nothing in my garden like it.

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