Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Sunshine On Clouds (Huben 06)

Sunshine On Clouds (Huben 06) 26 E Re 4.25, Cream w'Pale Midrib, Dor Dip
(Happy Returns * Deicer) * (Three Seasons * Monica Marie)
Seedling number: MH9872I

I had no intention of introducing this seedling: it wasn't white, it only rebloomed a bit for me, it didn't increase as fast as my other rebloomers, it was a reluctant pod parent. But Bob Sobek proclaimed it the outstanding clump in my garden for the brilliance, unique shade, and floriferousness. It is a brilliant light yellow, in the cream range but with none of the dullness of most creams. I attribute that to the extreme diamond dusting. The upfacing blooms have a yellowgreen throat. Crossed with EARLY AND OFTEN, it is the parent of my first nearwhite rebloomer, and the grandparent of my latest crop of nearwhite rebloomers. It has 18 buds on three branches.

In my garden, Sunshine On Clouds reblooms lightly, but in other people's gardens, it is a much stronger rebloomer.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

I desperately need SUNSHINE ON CLOUDS". Can I get on the list?

Yours Truly,
Lisa Bourret
West Newfield, Maine