Friday, June 17, 2011


MH0923P:  MH0331A * Vanilla Stella

This is the first cutie to open in my '09 seedling bed this year.  While Stella is open all around town, it's not yet open in my garden (another 4-8 days), so I judge this to be an EE.  The scape is excellent with 4 branches and more than 20 buds (I haven't counted carefully yet.)  The fan is growing on either side of the scape, so I have hope that this is a rebloomer.  Small, a little trumpety, and with a yellow color under the pink, but very well diamond dusted.  Only one large fan so far.  I'll probably breed with this one this year.  It is a remake of cross MH0628, which produced a number of rebloomers in white, pink, and yellow and showed much green veining from Vanilla Stella.