Wednesday, July 1, 2009


24 E Re 3, NearWhite Polychrome, Dor Dip
MH0013F * Vanilla Stella

Will the real color please stand up? These two photos are of the same flower, taken 3 hours apart. I don't think the flower color has changed significantly, but the lighting certainly has. The camera is more objective about lighting than our eyes.

MH0515B is my first seedling selection for this year: it very likely will be an introduction. It looks a lot like its parent 'Vanilla Stella', except that the overal color is whiter and thus contrasts more with the green throat and touches of yellow. The scapes are held more strongly erect and have more buds than 'Vanilla Stella'. Rebloom scapes are already on the way! It starts blooming with 'Early And Often' and 'Vanilla Stella', which is usually a week after 'Stella De Oro'.

This plant should be tough: it endured two winters unprotected in a tiny tree-tray cell because I was too busy to plant. 3/4 of its classmates died from that abuse.

The other parent, MH0013F is a planned introduction for next year (2010.) It's a great reboomer! Carl Harmon has a large clump of it ready to divide. But I haven't been able to come up; with a really good name. You can suggest names for MH0013F as responses to this post. If I use the name you suggest, I'll give you a fan of MH0013F as a gift when I introduce it.