Sunday, December 27, 2009

Boston Marathon (Huben 10)

24 E Re 3.5, Pink w'Rose Eye, Dor Dip Noc
Frequent Flier * Early And Often
Seedling: MH0013F

Boston Marathon does not know when to quit: it is one of my strongest continuous rebloomers.  The color has variable amounts of pink and apricot (as you can see below), but always has a triangular form and that gorgeous triangular green throat.  There's no other northern rebloomer that looks like it.

First flower open is about a week after Stella De Oro, and it doesn't quit until the season's finish line at frost.  (At Harmon Hill Form: in my garden it is satisfied with three sets of scapes.)  The scapes have the typical low budcount of a rebloomer (10, which is more than Stella), but they just keep coming, without a break.  It's a vigorous plant making a tidy, tight clump that divides easily.

I use Boston Marathon extensively in my breeding: it throws lots of strong rebloomers when crossed with strong rebloomers.  It carries white and color clarity, and the kids can range from melon to pink to white, with and without eyes, wide or narrow petalled.  If you want to breed for light, clear-colored rebloomers, this is the one of mine that I recommend.


Rebecca said...

I have always liked this one! That eye reminds me so much of ANGEL'S KISS (Doc Branch). Name fits as long as it continues to live up to it where ever it is grown! Still a lovely flower and wonderful addition to the re-blooming group!

Ellen Laprise said...

BOSTON MARATHON is such an exquisite daylily! The picture doesn't do it justice. I can't wait until it clumps up!