Wednesday, June 27, 2007



MH0422F (Huben nr) 20 E Re 4, Pink w'Rose Eye, Dor Dip
(My Complimentary * MH0207K)

This one really excited me today, even though I'm not breeding for pink. First flower open today, and a second scape is already visible at the heart of the fan. Few buds, which is not such a bad fault in rebloomers. So what's so exciting? First, it has a clear color. It's pod parent is:
My Complimentary (Kamensky 05) 26 E Re 4.25, Pink Self, Dor Dip Emo
which is a pink over yellow, and fades to brown in the sun. The amazing thing about My Complimentary is that it can have 35 buds and still rebloom! We'll see how many buds this one develops in the future. But not only does it have a much better, blue-pink color, but it is amazingly sun resistant!

Today, the thermometer was in the 90s, and Stella De Oro was completely melted. But MH0422F is completely unfazed, with a silvery-pink color and no petal slicking or melting. Some of the green in the throat has faded to yellow, but there's none of that awful brown-pink we see so often.


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If, and this is a huge "if", you ever decide this is not something you want to work with, let me know!