Wednesday, June 17, 2009


36 E 3.5, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip
Ice Trumpets * MH0207K = Ice Trumpets * (Boston Symphony * Early And Often) * (Millie Schlumf * Early And Often)

Stella De Oro still has not opened (it's late this year in my garden, perhaps because I moved it and perhaps because of the chilly, dry weather), but this beauty has. I don't know if this earliness is normal yet: the two scapes are both much smaller than last year's and might be outer scapes (as opposed to normal scapes.) Or it might be due to the extreme spring sickness I've had in my beds this year.

It's not the whitest white, but why would I care with that green throat and that delicate play of colors? It's EARLY! Pollen is going on to all the extra earlies that can throw melon, including Begin With A Bang (which can lose the yellow and could throw red, pink, or white.)


Anonymous said...


Your flower is very pretty.I love all your intro's.My
favorite is vanilla gorilla because it is such a creamy whiteish yellow. I want to get it but it is $75.I am a 9 year old boy who lives in boston.

arilarcher said...

How's about this for a name? Lime On White

email is

arilarcher said...

Or how's about 'Lime On Ice' for a name as well? Maybe 'Lime Slices'

Mike Huben said...

Anonymous: email or phone me and I'll see about getting you a piece of Vanilla Gorilla in the spring.

I wouldn't emphasize the whiteness in a name: perhaps it should be described as a pale melon polychrome.