Saturday, October 3, 2009


MH0628S (Huben nr) 21 E 3.5, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip
(MH0331A * Vanilla Stella)

Green veins! Look closely at the lower petal, how the green veins extend from the throat. I don't think I've seen this color pattern anywhere else before. Now that I look, a fair number of Vanilla Stella kids (including some sibs to this one) show some green veining: this one has the most conspicuous green veins. Not to mention an exceptionally green throat.

Of course I've crossed some of those veined kids together, to try to exaggerate the trait even more. And I've remade the cross long.

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Mitanoff said...

I was looking for a white Stella and now I don't have to try to make it!I was toying with the idea of 'Beautiful Edgings' x a 'stella d'oro' kid.
I love what you're trying to do (with your breeding program and goals)and that you're in a cold zone is just a bonus. I will definitely have to look into buying some of your intros next year.