Friday, December 29, 2006

Frequent Flyer (Kendall 03)

Frequent Flyer (Kendall 03) 28 E Re 4, Cream w'Lavender Eye, Dor Dip Ext Noc
(Millie Schlumpf * Brocaded Gown) F2

Stephen Kendall has bred a fabulous rebloomer! While reminiscent of the eyed SILOAM lines, it sends up three sets of scapes annually for me. Though the budcount is not high (averaging 11), the tall, graceful, well-branched scapes hold the recurved flowers in a fountain of non-interfering bloom. The foliage is a clean, deep green, and it has yet to display spring sickness here. It is fertile both ways, and throws strongly reblooming kids. A melon carrier and color clarifier: the lavenders and pinks from it are very good!

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