Saturday, September 13, 2008


30 E Re 4.5, Melon Self, Evr Dip
Millie Schlumf * Early And Often

This cross, MH0015, was so good that I remade it again as MH0263. Many of the kids were evergreen, and they came in pink, melon, and a break to near white (MH0015.5, pictured at my old web site.) MH0263I, pictured here, is the best of the melon kids. It has a NICE 21 buds, it's sunfast, the flowers are large and open well, it's a true early that blooms the last week of June, and it can have instant rebloom. It's evergreen, which might be a bad feature, but in my garden it's up and the foliage looks good long before most other evergreens. I'm not sure what's going on there, but I'm not going to complain: the foliage looks exceptional. I'm using this for developing large flowered continuous rebloomers, crossing the stronger rebloomers onto it. An Early And Often with large flowers would be a plus, wouldn't it! It doesn't increase particularly quickly, and the fans in the clump are too widely spaced: I like a clump tight enough that weeds won't grow in it well.

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