Friday, December 29, 2006


Frequent Flyer * ((Boston Symphony * Early And Often) * (Millie Schlumf * Early And Often))

I'm breeding for white rebloomers, but I expect color spinoffs along the way. Here's a beauty, a pale lavender with a darker eye and a green throat. If this reblooms, it's an introduction. If it doesn't, I have a load of pink/lavender/purple rebloomers that I could cross with it: it's carrying lots of rebloom genes judging from the parentage. The color clarity, ruffles, and general appearance really sell me.

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Rebecca said...


Before I even read the parentage this one, for me, is one to die for! One of my small programs is for patterned eyes and this has that! But it also has a nice open form that makes it a candidate to use for mini-UF's with "rainbow" chevrons as well as (any size) near white with with a multi-patterned eye. I also have a sweet small flower lavender bi-tone with a patterned eye from one of my "experimental" crosses and this seedling of yours would be just about the perfect mate for it.

Remember me when you decide you have too much of this one to be able to keep it all, as I would love a piece of it! I'm already planning on crossing my little patterned eye seedling with your 'Early and Often', so I should have a few kids with the right mix of what I want to be able to add yet another dose of E&O to breeding line I would use this "to die for" seedling with.