Friday, December 29, 2006


20 E Re 3.5, Lavender Self, Dor Dip
(Frequent Flyer * Early And Often) * (Sunshine On Clouds * Early And Often)

FUTURE INTRODUCTION. I was delighted when this vivd lavender showed up in my seedling bed, and thrilled when it bloomed three sets of scapes! The color is very clear, it has a green throat, and it has ruffles. It does have some faults: the scapes lean and can fall over if they're podded.

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Rebecca said...

OMG, Mike! What a lucky person you were to have this one come to you! I want it and I don't care if it leans when podded! I have stakes and know how to use them! Besides, this one would work so very nicely in my mini-SPUF program as well as with my "other" miniature programs.

I see that this one is a bi-tone and the eye/throat tells me we could get some patterned eyes from it if matched up right! ow very exciting!