Friday, December 29, 2006


34 E 3.5, Cream Self, Dor Dip Noc
(Aerial * Boston Symphony) * (Corky * Early And Often)

FUTURE INTRODUCTION. I've long admired the dark scapes on Corky and Golden Chimes, but I want to get away from the yellow to cleaner, brighter colors. Here's my first candidate. The graceful dark scapes here come from CORKY ancestry on both sides; neither parent shows dark scapes. This picture exaggerates the contrast a bit, and only the last 8 inches of scape are colored, but the purple scapes are distinct. The ancestry is: (Aerial * Boston Symphony) * (Corky * Early And Often). 25 buds, 4 branches, good increase, wide petals, ruffles and green throat make this one a winner.


shakkai said...

Hi Mike, This is a great line to be working! Have you tried anything with SIR BLACKSTEM? The stems on mine do get really dark.

I'd love to be able to get a fan of seedling to avoid duplicating the effort of getting away from gold/yellow.

Great blog, btw. The format definitely works, its easy to navigate, and well organised.

Winchester, UK

Rebecca said...


What can I say! You rock!

Yet another one I want for my little breeding program! So many ways I could use this one and still keep it small-flowered. Another candidate for the mini-SPUF program as well!