Friday, December 29, 2006


((Corky * Early And Often) * Pinegarden Purity) * Ice Trumpets

This is the whitest seedling I've yet bred. I can tell because most white daylilies have fine yellow veins in the petals, but this one has white veins. It's in my tall-and-small lines, but because it was blooming in a tree-tray cell, I have no idea yet of the height, branching, or budcount it will eventually show. All I know is that it was brilliant among the other, more colored seedlings.

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Rebecca said...


Just an absolutely lovely near white seedling, mine so be so nice!

I am just embarking on a mini-spider program and will also have the "full forms" as I am working with many of Pauline Henry's plants and I have been fortunate in being about to trade for your 'Early and Often', what an impact it will make in the program! Nearly all of the cultivars I am working with are older ones, but the SPUFs aren't quite so old but from very good breeding lines (Warrell, Roberts, Mahieu and so on).

I will have some of my first mini crosses bloom this season, solely experimental crosses using a short growing, small flowered seedling from Frans Hals X Red Precious, a wonderful little red bi-tone, open form and near spider measurements. I am hoping for the best out of two of the most unlikely pollen donnors, 'Snickerdoodle' and 'Heavenly Curls' . There are only a total of 4 seedlings so I am hoping they aren't all dogs!

Back to exploring your Blog, which is very good, by the way!

Rebecca Blubaugh-Brown
Becca's Daylilies